The benefits of CBD for Hair

One-third of women in the U.S. will experience hair loss at some point in their lives (So if you’re longing for thicker strands, you’re definitely not alone.)

As you may already know, there’s an overwhelming amount of treatments out there for hair loss. But there’s also a simple, natural and effective solution to this common condition that enables you to inch closer to lusher hair right at home: CBD

CBD oil, hemp oil and CBD isolate has skyrocketed in popularity, credited by many to help alleviate pain and anxiety, but hair growth is also another lesser-known benefit. Let’s talk about CBD for hair.

CBD enhances hair growth. CBD oil contains nutrients that boost hair growth such as main fatty acids, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, it also contains GLA which promotes natural hair growth. CBD itself stimulates cerebral blood flow, helping to deliver more nutrients to hair follicles and remove harmful toxins, allowing hair to become stronger and healthier to promote new growth.

CBD also strengthen and protect hair. Hair strands are made out of protein, Hemp and CBD oil contain all 21 amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. When used regularly, it can help fortify your hair.

Finally, CBD can improve scalp health. CBD oil contains high doses of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and vitamin E and other – all of which are great for the scalp. Pure CBD is also a natural anti-inflammatory, which makes it ideal for common scalp conditions like psoriasis. Moreover, it balances your scalp’s natural production of sebum, whether you have too much or too little.

So what are the best CBD products out there?

We here at Xsandys stock pure hemp oil that you can find in-store and on our website, however, there are a few other notable products out there.

TREET Vapours stock Disposable CBD Vape pens which are a fun and convenient way to ingest CBD in a portable manner. We also recommend  CBD For Life Shampoo and CBD For Life Conditioner. 

Reece Pinnock

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